About Us

Globetrotters Tech Solutions LLC (“GTS”) was founded in 2020. It is an affiliate of Globetrotters Engineering Corporation, a full-service architectural engineering company for government infrastructure and government buildings founded in 1974.

GTS is a technology services company. We are focused on cloud services, managed technology services, fiber optics design, local area networks, and technology consulting.

Our capacity and experience, combined with that of our affiliates, affords us the ability to serve our clients with efficient, customer service-oriented services, which we are constantly investing in and optimizing.

We understand the challenges in the delivery of IT services. We understand how to navigate these issues. We understand how to deliver a successful project.

GTS is based in Chicago. The planet has been getting smaller since the advent of the Internet. With recent events in 2020, we have seen that regardless of our location, we are all connected and we are capable of incredible work. We are based in Chicago because of our roots, our network, and the people.

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